4 memorable locations in the eastern part of Chania

The village of Gavalochori in Chania

The village of Gavalochori in Chania ©Vassil Tzvetanov/Flick

The Prefecture of Chania is on the west end of the island and most of its surface is covered by the White Mountains. This spectacular mountain range rises at just a few kilometers from the northern coast, reaches the maximum height of 2543 m and then descends with arid and rocky slopes towards the Libyan Sea.

In the northeastern part of the prefecture of Chania is the Souda Bay, the largest natural harbor in Greece, in the north is the Chania Bay and in the east is the Kissamos bay, the last two have wide sandy beaches.


Today we present 4 memorable locations in the eastern part of Chania that include the villages of Gavalchori, Vamos, Vryses and the Frangocastello.


Gavalochori is a village in the Apokoron region and is located at approximately 25 km from the city of Chania. It is a traditional village with interesting examples of folk architecture and is close to several popular resorts of Chania like Almyrida, Georgioupolis and Kalyves. However, it wasn’t affected by tourism and preserves its authenticity intact and the traditional style with stone houses, cobbled streets, beautiful flowering gardens and churches. In the village of Gavalochori in Chania there are two important churches dating from the sixteenth century, the Church of St. Mary and the church of Agios Sergios. There is also a folklore museum with interesting and valuable exhibits, including costumes, old coins, weapons, old furniture and other antiques everyday.

The village of Gavalochori in Chania

The village of Gavalochori in Chania ©Vassil Tzvetanov/Flick


Although it is located at just 26 km from the center of the prefecture, Vamos is a traditional village in the eastern part of Chania that has not been affected by tourism development. Vamos is offering an overview of the Cretan villages has stone houses with two floors, paved streets, renovated mansions and village center has many plane trees. Outside the village you can admire the mountain scenery and luxurious vegetation. In the area there are many monasteries that can be visited, like the Monastery of Agios Georgios, the Church of Virgin Mary from the 18th century and the Church of Agios Nikolaos in the village center.

The village of Vamos in Chania

The village of Vamos in Chania ©currybet/Flick


The Cretan village of Vryses lies at about 30 km to east of Chania. It is a charming village with streams and beautiful vegetation mainly consisting of sycamore trees that need plenty of water to grow. Vryses is known for its tavern-cafeterias on the waterfront and its dairy products. It is in the vicinity of many other beautiful villages and wonderful beaches.

The Frangokastello

The Frangokastello is one of the benchmarks of Crete and one of the most visited places on the island. It is located along the coast, on a barren land surrounded by beautiful mountains. How bus services are limited, it is better to go there with a private mean of transport on the street that starts from the North Coast. There are several excellent restaurants around the castle, as well as accommodation, idyllic sandy beaches with crystal clear shallow waters that are ideal for children.

The Frangocastello in Chania

The Frangocastello in Chania ©Reprolurch/Flick

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