3 historical attractions in Rhodes

Kamiros archeological site in Rhodes

Kamiros archeological site in Rhodes ©Shadowgate/Flick

The Temple of Aphrodite is the oldest building in Rhodes, the Goddess worship is celebrated mainly in this area. The Kamiros archaeological site is another historical attraction in Rhodes that shouldn’t be missed due to the great importance of the historical resources. The city of Rhodes is surrounded by high gates and towers that are a real stronghold for the city.

The walls of Rhodes can be divided into three categories: those built in the days when attackers were using siege engines like catapults, different objects to break the walls, mobile towers; the fortifications built against the Turks and some real fortifications against Ottoman cannon attack.

The City Walls of Rhodes

The Emporium Commercial Port was protected by the Sf.Inger tower, located in the south at the end of a pier. It was struck by two earthquakes in the nineteenth century and was eventually demolished but you can still is observe the bridge that led to the tower  and the walls built around the D’ Aubusson.

In the city of Rhodes were built some imposing gates as well. Three gates meet the needs of the island: the St.Catherine gate, the St. John gate and the Ambrose gate. The St. Anthony Gate was the oldest gate of the city, which after the reconstruction of the walls became the Amboisie gate.

The city of Rhodes

The city of Rhodes ©lyng883/Flick

The Temple of Aphrodite in Rhodes

The Temple of Aphrodite is located in the Symis market in front of the Elefterias gate. The building dates back from the third century before our era and is an important historical attraction in Rhodes. Today the ruins remind us of the glory of the old temple dedicated to the goddess Aphrodite,  goddess of beauty in Greek mythology.

Temple of Aphrodite in Rhodes

Temple of Aphrodite in Rhodes ©Mafue/Flick

The Kamiros Archaeological Site of Rhodes

The Kamiros Archaeological Site is located at a distance of 45 minutes from the city of Rhodes in the city of Kamiros, one of the three major cities of the island. It was founded by the Dorians, who formed the state of Rhodos in the fifth century B.C. with Lados and Ialyssos. The ruins dating from the third century BC attest the culture of the residents and the prosperity of the area being very fascinating for tourists. Kamiros flourished during the ancient and classical periods, but the earthquake of 226 BC destroyed the city and in its place was built a Hellenistic city on three levels.

Besides the numerous architectural monuments found on the island of Rhodes, the area of Kamiros captures by the natural beauty of the place that attracts both locals and tourists. The city has scattered small villages, green forests and ancient monasteries.

Kamiros archeological site in Rhodes

Kamiros archeological site in Rhodes ©Shadowgate/Flick


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